My Top 15 Kruger Park Animals


So I thought I would try a slightly different format for my post on our Kruger Park Safari and post my top 15 sightings in the 4 days that we were there.


We finished off our 3 weeks in South Africa with a 4 Day Classic Kruger Park Safari that we booked through Kruger Park directly. Before I start I’d add that if you are thinking of doing a safari in Kruger, I would highly recommend booking through Kruger themselves. Everything about our tour was perfect, the accommodation, tour guides and meals we received whilst on safari could not have been better.


Anyway the main point of the safari being the animals, here are my top 15 sightings at Kruger Park…


  1. Impala – Our Most common sighting in Kruger, these guys are everywhere!!
  1. Monkeys – Having seen monkeys whilst in South East Asia and various other places we didn’t find seeing monkeys such a big deal (Still cute though)
  1. Crocodile – Again having seen Crocodile and Alligator previously in Australia and North America, although undoubtedly amazing animals wasn’t new to us therefore not all that exciting.
  1. Warthog – One word… PUMBA!!
  1. Southern Ground Hornbill – I’m far from a Bird person so admittedly I had no idea what we were looking at when this prehistoric looking thing came walking across our path until our tour guide gave us an insight into how endangered and rare this breed of Hornbill are, so for that reason it made my top 15!

Top 10


  1. Buffalo – One of Krugers Top 5! And it’s not hard to see why.


  1. Kudu – Featured on the emblem for South Africa National Parks, in my opinion the most impressive of the deer family in Kruger
  1. Leopard – The Leopard would’ve featured a lot higher on my list if it wasn’t for the fact that we only saw one and from a long way off, hence the poor photo, sorry! (He/She/ is mid photo underneath the big tree)


  1. Hippo – Although I have seen hippos before in zoos etc. there is something completely different about seeing them in the wild!
  1. Zebra – These monochrome mammals just missed out on a top 5 spot!

Top 5


  1. Elephant – By far the most breath-taking animal when you first catch a glimpse of one, especially when accompanied by family and friends!
  1. Giraffe – Mine and Charlies favourite animal and the animal we were most looking forward to seeing in the wild, there’s plenty of these guys around!
  1. Rhino – It took us until the last day of our safari to find one of these, with our tour guide spending hours tracking these guys down, it surely wasn’t a disappointment when we finally found them!
  1. Lion – Of course the Lion, after a couple of hours of no sighting on this run, all of a sudden one of our group shouts ‘LION’ we were the first to spot him and followed him until he was too far for us to see… But why not number 1?
  1. Wild Dogs – Being a huge dog person I couldn’t think of anything better to see than a pack of Wild Dogs, being so rare I didn’t even expect to see one while we were there so it was a huge surprise when we did, and to see the adults come back for feeding with the pups was a huge bonus!



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