Plettenburg Bay – South Africa


Plettenberg Bay

Between Mossel Bay and Port Elizabeth is the coastal town of Plettenberg Bay. We arrived at our next Air BnB which was called ‘Knysna Forest Retreat’, we hopped out the
car and were warmly welcomed by our hosts Carla and Neels. Now before i go onto what we did whilst staying in Plettenberg i would like to make a HUGE point of how
amazing we found this Air BnB experience. Carla and Neels brought us into their home and actually made us feel like we were part of the family! We stayed with them for
3 nights in total and by the end of it we were actually sad to be leaving, we have both met alot of people on our travels over the years but there has probably only been
2 occasions here we both agreed we were actually sad leaving someone (the oher case being the family we stayed with for 9 months in Australia) Sure, along the way you
meet alot of people that when it comes to parting ways things get abit emotional, but this was different!
Anywayyyy… During our 3 days we done various little activities such as visiting different animal sanctuaries and going on lots of walks and hikes, aswell as hve some chill
time in between. If you ever find yourself in Plettenberg Bay i would strongly suggest Monkeyland – a 14 hectare monkey rehabilitation sanctury, Birds Of Eden – A
huuuuuge aviary filled with all sorts of exotic birds (i admittedly don’t really appreciate birds but i enjoyed this) and take hike along Robberg Point where if you
are as lucky as Me and Charlie you might get to see a couple of Great White Sharks on the hunt for the Seal Colony at the bay!


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  1. Great post! South Africa is on my travel list, hoping to explore it soon!!


  2. A Hearty Nomad says:

    Great post and the pics are fantastic!


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