Mossel Bay – Point Human Origins Tour

A 3 hour trip from Hermanus took us to the small town of Mossel Bay. Aswell as being a small stop of from Hermanus to Plettenburg Bay it is also the home of the ‘Humans
point of origin’ tour. This was a one and a half hour tour taking you into the caves just on the coast line of Mossel Bay, where archaeologists have discovered remains
of ‘modern human’ life from some 160,000 ago and think that they may also have remains of up to 200,000 years ago down there somewhere but are yet to discover them! If you
are slightly interested in anything like this i definitely recommend you take this tour! The guide Christopher was very knowledgable about the archaeology of the area and
the history of human origin in general. We were taught all about how the caves were formed and all the fossils etc. were formed, shown and taught all about middle stone
age technology and the tools the humans would have used over 160,000 years ago! Also included is some amazing views of the caves and coast, which even if you are dragged
there by someone who is interested while you are not, you are sure to enjoy the views from this tour!

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