Hermanus Day 2 – Whale watching

For the first time whilst in South Africa Me and Charlie got a lie-in! Woohoo!! This was because we had gotten ourselves on a 3 o’clock whale watching boat trip and as
Hermanus itself is quite small, we had pretty much explored the whole area 2 or 3 times over the day before! After rolling around in bed for an hour or so we go up and
went to a local chilled out cafe called ‘Oskars’ for some breakfast and then went to a pharmacy to get Charlie some sea sickness tablets and wristbands.
We had another small browse around the town before heading back to our place to collect the car so that we could get to the port. Luckily for Charlie the sea was pretty
flat at the time so we were both excited to get out there and spot some whales! We chose a company called ‘Southern Right Charters’ to go whale watching with as we
were drawn in by their slogan ‘Observe not disturb’. They gave a briefing before we headed out on the boat about health & safety and what we were expecting to see on
the trip. As soon as we left the port we saw about 2 or 3 whales at a bit of a distance within 5 minutes and my thinking was ‘WOW 3 whales already, we’re going to see
so many!! This luck didn’t carry on as about 30 minutes down the line was had still only seen those whales, until all of a sudden around 5 whales all give us a show,
playing about with each other including one calf. The captain of the boat slowly went in the direction of the whales until bringing the engine to a halt as the whales
approached us!! We had 4 or 5 whales playing about within 10 metres of our boat! It was one of the best experiences of my life, let alone South Africa so far, i think
the only way this can be beat is our safari in a couple of weeks! We watched the whales for about 20 minutes and then watched them slowly swim off into the distance and
our boat headed back to the port! After we got back on dry land we went and got some dinner and headed straight back to our Air BnB so that i could write this post still
full of the excitement from the whales!!! What a day!

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