Cape Town To Hermanus Day 1

Cape Town to Hermanus Day 1
Just as we were getting used to Cape Towns quirky ways it was time to leave. With our little rental car fully loaded with our backpacks and various items Charlie has
bought along the way, we were ready to drive to Hermanus!! Hermanus is a small sea-side town roughly 70 miles from Cape Town, well-known for it’s laid back vibes, and
best of all WHALE WATCHING!! The drive itself was amazing. Although we didn’t take the coastal route and opted for the inland route we weren’t let down at all! Winding
mountain roads, amazing scenery all around and the occasional flight of a paraglider overhead, we were even happier about our choice to hire a car and drive around
South Africa!! An hour and a half later and we had arrived at our Air BnB (definitely our favourite way of choosing accommodation), we were warmly welcomed by our
host Greta who showed us our amazing room and gave us all the tips and tricks of Hermanus! After dumping our bags in our room we took the scenic ‘cliff path’ to
the town, a beautiful scenic path takes you along the cliffs right into the town centre of Hermanus, along the way are several rest points where you can sit back
and enjoy the view and if you are really lucky spot a whale or two!! Me and Charlie being starving almost ate our own bodyweight in Tapas at one of the more popular
restaurants in the town before being disturbed by the towns (and worlds only) Whale Crier!! Yes you read that right they have a Whale Crier, a guy that stands on the
edge of the cliff whose job it is to look at for whales and blow his trumpet/horn/whatever it was whenever he see’s one and points it out to everyone that comes running
over, which included Me and Charlie as we had luckily just finished eating and rushed our poor waitress into paying our bill so that we could run over and spot the whale!
Once we had got to the Whale Crier sadly the whale had disappeared and after about 30 seconds of disappointment ‘tuuuuuuuut’ came the Criers horn once again and we
just managed to spot the tail of a southern right whale as he submerged himself back into the water, seeing this inspired us to book ourselves on a Whale Watching
boat tour for the next day as we weren’t originally going to (Charlie suffers with sea sickness). After exploring more of the town we headed back to our place to get
washed and ready for dinner, we ended up going back to the same restaurant as lunch (as it was so yummy) and I tried the Kudu (antelope) which was amazing! We had a
few drinks and headed back to our place to get some much-needed shut-eye.

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  1. agnesstramp says:

    Cape town looks exceptional! The photos are amazing!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ahh thank you, it was amazing! You have any plans to go?


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