Cape Town Day 5 – Robben Island

Another early start for us as we were off to Robben Island!! The island that homed the prison that Nelson Mandela was kept from 1964-1982!! We managed to get to the jetty
about an hour and a half earlier than our ferry which gave us time to roam around, Charlie to do more shopping and stumble across a couple of little African Fur Seals
that just like to chill by the water side!! A 20 minute catamaran ride took us to Robben island where we got parted into 2 groups, some of us were put on coaches and
given a tour of the island itself and the other half got to go on th prison tour first then the island tour after! The tour was very interesting and as it was run
by ex prisoners of Robben Island it made it that little bit more genuine! We were taken to the cells (including Nelson Mandelas) and other parts of the prison itself
and then drove round the island getting shown other parts of the island including the old quarries that were mined by the prisoners. And little beknown to me people
still lived on Robben Island! So we also saw the local churches and schools etc. The tour in all was around 4 hours so with that and some stern shopping from Charlie
we were pooped and headed home for a much deserved Indian curry!!

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