Cape Town Day 4

Day 4 we got off to another early start and took a beautiful scenic road trip down to Boulders Beach in Simon’s Town. This is the place that you may have heard
or seen before as being the beach in Africa that is FLOODED with African Penguins! I was pretty excited to go but Charlie on the other hand could barely sleep
the night before as she describes penguins as ‘the cutest animal in the world’. 45 minutes into our road trip we were there, we hopped out the car, walked down
to the beach and huh?! 1 penguin!! We couldn’t believe it, after all we had heard and seen and we come here to find one penguin! Luckily for us we had somehow
ended up walking to the wrong beach and on our disappointed walk back saw the sign for ‘boulders beach’ and ‘penguin viewing’ which needless to say raised our
spirits a little! After paying a small fee we were let into boulders beach and Charlie soon looked like a child on Christmas day! The place was full with penguins!
On the beach, in the water, in the bushes, EVERYWHERE! We spent an hour or two wandering around and taking snaps of the little cuties before getting back in the car
and heading back North.
Our next spot for the day was the V&A waterfront in Cape Town. A beautiful harbour side area of Cape Town with views of both the harbour and Table mountain in one! Full of things to do, The Nelson Mandela Gateway To Robben island museum, Cape Town Stadium, The Springbok Experience Museum (for the rugby fans) it literally has something for everyone! As time was getting on while we were there Me and Charlie wandered around the shops and watched some of the street acts, before having a nice meal overlooking
Table Mountain and heading home! Side note; We are going back to the V&A Waterfront tomorrow to do more of the things in mentioned!!





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