Cape Town Day 1 & 2

Cape town day 1

After 24 hours of solid travelling we had made it to Cape Town! We had previously booked to stay in an Air Bnb which was a first for us! We jumped in a taxi straight out of the airport and told the driver where we needed to go. He gave us a price on the spot (around 200 rand) and off we went.
Soon after coming out of the airport in Cape Town you notice the poverty and townships, we also saw one guy get mugged straight away! although this did make us a little bit nervous I then remembered reading another blog about Cape Town which stated that the areas just outside of the airport are the worst for poverty and crime and that the closer you get to the suburbs the safer it becomes!
After around 15-20 mins we arrived at our Air Bnb. We were greeted by our host Paul who gave us a quick but thorough explanation of the property and whats near by and how to get round etc. he was very friendly and informative and it made us feel right at home! The one thing we were surprised Paul hadn’t mentioned and in fact wasnt even in the description of the place was the AMAZING view you got of table mountain right from the rooftop terrace of the house!! Can’t get better than that!
We Went and got  a quick bite to eat and headed to bed as it was getting late and we wanted a fresh start on the next day!

View from our Air bnb overlooking table mountain

Cape town day 2

We got up bright and early the next day and enjoyed our cereal, I knowww so South African, on our roof terrace with the views of table mountain.
That South African enough for you!? After a little bit of planning we took an Uber to The Castle of Good Hope. A fort made by the dutch in the 17th
century as a stop of point whilst trading back and forth from india. As interesting as the castle was there was a lot of renovation and building going
on at the time meaning quite a lot of the castle was closed of for visitors. Other than this is was definitely worth the trip and I even got to shoot a cannon!!
From The Castle of good hope we took a walk to the district 6 museum, a museum dedicated to a former residential area (district 6) where over 60,000 people were
forced from their homes as part of The Apartheid Regime in the 1970’s and eventually became a ‘whites’ only’ area and most of the residents had been moved to a
township around 20km away! As sad as the museum was it was very informative and had writings from former residents about what had happened and even some that
had come back to district 6 after the Apartheid was over! To round of the day we took a walk through Greenmarket square (where Charlie was finding it hard to
say ‘no’ to stall owners) over to Bo-Kaap also known as ‘The Most Photographed’ area of Cape Town, most of the houses are painted in bright colours which is
a lot different to the rest of the Cape Town CBD! Still a little tired from our 24 hours of travelling we decided to head back to our place and figure out what our
plans are for the next few days!!



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