Our next country on the list was Thailand, probably the biggest destination for backpackers in South East Asia and arguably one of the most popular in the world for all sorts of travellers!

Thailand caters to everyone, from beautiful beaches and secluded islands popular with honeymooners and couples, to the capital Bangkok popular for party goers and all round holiday makers we knew we would have plenty to do whilst we were there!

We had 3 main things we wanted to do whilst in Thailand

  1. Go to the full moon party. Although none of us were huge partiers we couldn’t miss the opportunity to go to one of the biggest and most popular beach parties in the world.


  1. See the elephants in Chiang Mai.



  1. Spend a few days on one of the islands chilling out and do some Diving/Snorkelling


In total we spent around 3-4 weeks in Thailand and went to Chiang Mai, Bangkok and Koh Tao, each one checking something of our list!

I’d like to recommend a time to spend in Thailand but it all comes down to what your plans are, you could easily spend 2 weeks relaxing on a nice beach town somewhere and carry on from there, or if you are just looking for the main sights you could easily do it all in 2-3 weeks.

I’ll be doing each of the 3 places I went in separate blog posts, hope you enjoy!


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