Siem Reap & Angkor

Siem Reap and Angkor


The big one! Let’s be honest if you’re planning on going to Cambodia then your biggest plan is to go to Angkor and see the famous Angkor Wat temple. For me it was a little bit different, although Angkor Wat was super high on my list of things to do whilst traveling, it had been 7 weeks since I had last seen Charlie and we had arranged to meet up in Siem Reap!


After a nervous, restless night and a long coach journey we had reached Siem Reap and met Charlie at a hotel we had agreed on we went inside and booked ourselves a couple of hotel rooms and found a tuk tuk driver that dedicated himself to us for aslong as we were in Siem Reap, this can be a handy way of getting around if you can haggle enough to get there prices down nice and low.


There is not much I can say about Angkor Wat that will do it justice. With Angkor measuring over 160 hectares and Angkor Wat being the largest religious monument to ever be built you could spend weeks upon weeks here and still not have seen it all. We all bought a 3 day pass to Angkor and tried to squeeze as much as we could in, including an early get up to catch the sunrise over Angkor Wat . Pretty gutted we all only had our iPhone at the time to take pictures!! Anyway, not much good writing about it as I said it doesn’t do it justice, just hope you enjoy the pics and it inspires you to get yourself there!!


We had one big drunken night out in our last night in Siem Reap on the famous ‘pub street’ before we had to say our goodbyes to Charlie, but not before promising each other we would meet up again in a few weeks’ time somewhere in Thailand.




Accommodation – Budget hostels from £3 ($5) and hotels from £12 ($20)

Food – Meals costing around £4 ($6)

Getting around – Mostly walkable but again getting a dedicated tuk tuk driver is your best bet if you want to haggle. Also you will need a tuk tuk to get to Angkor Wat.


Things to do


Visit Angkor – Passes to the site can be bought as a one-day £13 ($20) three-day £26 ($40) or a seven-day £39 ($60). 3 days was enough for us but if you are super interested in all that Angkor has to offer you might consider the seven-day pass.

War Museum – Admission £3 ($5)

Pub street – A very popular street filled with restaurant and bars used by backpackers to finish of a hard days exploring with a hard nights drinking.



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  1. Fab post! Can’t wait to see Angkor in November … 🙂


    1. Ah you go in November? Anywhere else on the list?


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