Intro to Cambodia


Cambodia – Although having a population of just 15 million, being a large country Cambodia has a lot to offer. From ancient wonders such as Angkor Wat to The Killing Fields and genocide museum, if you’re just feeling like relaxing has some amazing beaches around Sihanoukville where you can just kick back and relax.


For obvious reasons, coming from Ho Chi Minh Cambodia was the next country on our list. It was also the first time we used one of the dreaded overnight buses we had heard so much about, it took us around 12 hours and cost about £13 ($20) to get to Phnom Penh and in all fairness I didn’t find the journey to bad, sure there was a few bumpy roads and towards then end of the journey the in coach toilet must have malfunctioned meaning every time someone took a trip to the toilet you got a whiff on the person that had been in there before but other than that we all slept most of the way and happily woke up just in time to get of the coach and find somewhere to stay.

Sleeper bus




Due to the amount of time it took us to travel through Vietnam on our bikes we were slightly strapped for time in Cambodia meaning we only got to visit Phnom Penh, Siem Reap and Sihanoukville. I’d like to point out that I do wish we had more time in Cambodia as I would have liked to visit some of the other amazing places it has to offer such as the islands just off of Cambodia (maybe one day) but our time in Cambodia was still amazing and I would recommend it to anyone!



Phnom Penh


Siem Reap & Angkor Wat


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