Vietnam – A country with amazing history of its controversial war, stunning natural beauty and full of backpackers I couldn’t wait to travel here. I had heard so many people say it was their favourite country in SE Asia and the thought of being free to travel wherever we wanted was exciting but daunting at the same time.

After 3 weeks of a guided tour in China Me and Nick were on our own. Andy (the Scottish guy from our China trip) had asked me and Nick if he could travel with us for a few weeks through SE Asia as he was doing the same route and Charlie was off on a different route as she had to be in Thailand for her Midwifery work experience (much to my disappointment). The three of us knew our plan, start in Hanoi, go across to Ha Long Bay and make our way down eventually ending up in Ho Chi Minh City, but what we couldn’t decide on was how we were going to do it. Do we get the coaches like most people? Fly to save time? OR do we be complete idiots and join the crowd that decide to buy a motorbike and ride?

After a few days of discussion (and watching clips of the Top Gear: Vietnam special) We had made the decision to join the idiots and buy a bike!! Apart from being illegal, with Me and Nick having limited experience on a motorbike and Andy having never even sat on a motorbike I have no idea how we made it roughly 1500 miles with no major injuries! Island hopping on rafts and passenger only boats, getting pulled over the police and having to push our bikes for about 2 miles as the ‘roads’ were in such bad condition were just a few of the problems we faced along the way.

I often say even if someone were to pay me a million pound to do it all again I would decline as this is one of the most dangerous things anyone could do, but do i regret my decision? Not at all! We got to drive through parts of national parks that aren’t accessible to the normal coaches, got to go to small cities and towns where we were treated like Celebrities and most of all we had complete freedom of travel! Restricted to only our Visas and borders.

So for Vietnam I will be covering the main cities we stopped off at and will also do a post on traveling through Vietnam on our bikes.

Our route






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  1. ahah you crazy, how long did it take you to travel that far on motorbikes?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 😂😂 about 6 weeks!


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