Hong Kong

Hong Kong – After crossing the border over to Hong Kong the first thing we all did was go straight on to Facebook as 4 weeks without was leading to serious withdrawal symptoms for some of the group. Next was to go to the first 7 11 we laid our eyes on and buy any westernised treats we could get our hands on (I almost collapsed at the sign of a Twix) A train and a small walk later and we were at our hotel. Our first day we went to see the Bruce Lee statue and up to Victorias peak at night to see the lights of Hong Kong. This was the last day of our group tour so from then on we were all on our own!

Me, Nick and Charlie against our tour guides advice book a room in a place called ‘Chung King Mansion’ one of my biggest tips for Hong Kong is DO NOT STAY HERE!! The pics on the website made it look like a nice little hotel. What we soon discovered is that it is a huge flea market on the bottom floor and then filled with hundreds of tiny box rooms with no windows 2 beds that overlap each other and a bathroom that has a kind of Shower/toilet/sink/bedroom combination going on! Aside from our terrible choice in accommodation Hong Kong was an amazing place to be especially coming from rural China. Bright lights, loads of huge shopping malls and restaurants and a futuristic sky line it was definitely nice to have a big city change to our travels.


Hong Kong in the daytime and the Bruce Lee statue.

Hong Kong at night (Sorry about the poor picture quality as I only had my iPhone at this point)


Tian Tan Buddha



Accommodation – Budget hostel around £10 ($18)  Hotels £50 ($90) Upwards

Travel – The best way to travel around Hong Kong is there metro system, single fares are roughly £1 ($1.50) and can take you to pretty much all the places you need to go.

Meals – Getting mor e expensive than china meals costing around £10 (£$15)


Things to see/ Do

  • See Hong Kongs skyline at night
  • See the view from Victoria Peak
  • Tian Tan Buddha
  • Hong Kong Disneyland
  • Visit the Bruce Lee Statue
  • Avoid Chung King Mansion

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Zumaria says:

    I was just in Hong Kong! The transit system was AMAZING! They crushed it. Sounds like I lucked out in my hostel better than you did lol!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ah wow! How long was you there for? Haha that Chung King Mansion was TERRIBLE!! Where did you stay?


      1. Zumaria says:

        I was there a little over a week! It was great! I met amazing people and even got to go to a Dog Cafe! (my favorite part of the trip: http://zoomgoes.com/index.php/2016/07/01/dog-cafe-hong-kong/)

        I stayed at a place called Rainbow Lodge. It was on Nathan road which was a great location! I found them on Hostelword. How do you normally find your places?


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