Xi’an – An ancient capital of china and the home of the Terracotta Warriors!!! Another 14 hour overnight train took us from Shanghai to Xi’an. A couple of hours after arriving at our hotel we took off to see one of the wonders of the world ‘The terracotta Army’ over 8,000 Terracotta sculptures of soldiers, chariots, horses and so on. Before we got to the site itself we stopped off for lunch at a locals house where a lovely Chinese couple had prepared all 17 of us a home-cooked meal. After filling ourselves with amazing food we carried on to what was one of my biggest highlights of my whole trip!!! As we were walking around there was still archaeologists excavating the site, dusting and digging out the warriors yet to be discovered. As we went in winter it was quite cold inside so take an extra layer if you’ll be going at the same time.




On our second day in Xi’an we took a small and VERY cramped public bus to the ancient city wall (So cramped in fact the only sites some of the smaller people on the tour could see was the people surrounding them). Leon our tour guide suggested hiring bikes and taking a leisurely 9 mile bike ride around the wall. Being 12 metres high, this was a very good way of taking in the sites of Xi’an and took roughly 45 minutes to an hour to complete.





Overview of Xi’an

Accommodation               – Included in the tour but the average for a cheap hostel is around £5 ($8) and a Hotel around £50 + ($80)

Family home cooked meal – Included in the tour

Meals                                     – Upwards of £2.50 ($4)

Travel                                     – Bus is best option at £0.10 ($0.16) Per trip



Places of interest

  • Terracotta Army – Entry £15 ($24)
  • Cycling the Xi’an city wall – Bike hire £5 ($8)
  • Bell and drum tower of Xi’an – £5 ($8) Entry
  • Xi’an Muslim quarter – Free
  • The tomb of Emporer Jingdi – £6.50 ($10) – £9 ($15) depending on time of year



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