Soo after 14 hours of broken sleep on a rickety train and getting constant whiplash from the train doing what I can only imagine was some sort of emergency stop every hour. I was finally woken up by a random guy that had decided my bed was going to be his breakfast table, luckily for me we only had an hour or so until we arrived at Shanghai! We took a short bus to our hotel, dumped our bags and headed of to the town to see what the fuss behind Shanghai was all about. Needless to say it lived up to expectations as soon as we got to ‘The Bund’ which is the waterside area in the centre of Shanghai.

A few highlights of Shanghai.






The group at The Bund (Notice Charlie getting slightly closer to me as time goes on)



The old French concession of Shanghai was also a highlight that I didn’t manage to get any good photos of, it had beautiful old French buildings with the backdrop of the modern skyscrapers of Shanghai. This also means lots of bakeries just incase you are tired of eating Chinese food and fancy a change.

Also, the Shanghai Acrobatic Troupe Show is definitely worth a watch if you have time.

All in all I would only recommend a few days in Shanghai as most of the places of interest are all in close proximity so it doesn’t really take long to get around the best bits.

Overview of Shanghai

Accommodation – Cheap hostel from £7 ($11)    Hotels from £25 ($32)

Food –  £3+ ($5)

Travel – Metro from £0.20 ($0.32) single fare £1.80/£4.50 ($3/$7) one day/ three day pass.

Places Of Interest

The Bund – Free

Shanghai World Financial Centre – £12 ($17) Entry Fee

Yuyuan Gardens & Bazaar – Free

Shanghai Museum – Free



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