With 1.3 billion people and limited use of the English language, China was bound to be a difficult country to travel. Not to mention it was my first country backpacking, being 6ft 2 and ginger also meant I was going to attract a lot of attention!

China was first on my list for a lot of reasons but to whittle it down to a few The Great Wall, terracotta warriors and The Forbidden City were high on my list of things to see in life. Being so difficult to travel me and Nick (my original travel partner) decided to choose a tour to get around, mainly for ease of travel and meeting new people. We went to our local STA Travel and they suggested the ‘China On A Shoestring’ tour, which was a 21 day tour starting in Beijing and ending up in Hong Kong via Shanghai, Xi’an, a 3 day ‘cruise’ on the Yangtze River and Yangshuo. This tour was perfect for us as it eased us into travelling, ticked all the boxes of the things we wanted to see and met some amazing people!!! I will go into more detail about China city by city as there is way too much to fit into one post! Hope you enjoy!


Our tour route with a few changes

List of cities to follow






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