Ginger Joe’s Journey

Hi! I’m Joe (Ginger Joe). Roughly 4 years ago as I was working away I happened to notice a sign in a shop window that was boasting about cheap round the world flights, I’d always wanted to go travelling but thought it would be way expensive for your average 22 year old. After a few months of convincing my best friend to save some money and quit our jobs to go travelling we had a fully planned out route to take us from London Heathrow allll the way round the world starting in China and finishing off in New York.




Since getting home in 2014 I have travelled whenever I get the chance. I will be back tracking from my first ever flight up to the present and hopefully future travels. So this will be a blog that is hopefully entertaining as well as factual and fully interactive as I will be happy to give as much advice as I can to anyone looking for it! Hope you enjoy and find it helpful.


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  1. You have a great blog!…Nice to read about all your journeys !

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